Friday, June 16, 2006

Staff Training

Camp is starting soon! The administrative staff has bonded, planned, and strategized, and is ready to lead a dynamic and engaging staff training this coming week. Additionally, the pre-season staff has worked incredibly hard to make camp look better than it has in a long time, and everyone in general is ensuring that camp maintains its high level of safety. This photo was taken on the way back from an overnight at Stony Creek; the water in the lake is extremely clear and crisp this summer.

If you are a parent or staff member intending to contact camp for any reason, be sure to do so quickly! Spots are filling up for the summer season, and the staff here are chomping at the bit to get camp started. We look forward to hearing from you!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Admin Training

-by Timothy Cha

After an exhausting week of commencement activities over in Cambridge, I headed west to get ready for the summer at Camp Hi-Rock. I was expecting the usual collection of assorted pre-season staff and was looking forward to meeting new people, but it was a tremendous surprise to see that things were already in full swing. Pulling up to 162 East Street, degree under my belt, I anticipated a little slow time before settling down to the summer's preparation, but for many people, camp had already started.

The act of arriving to Hi-Rock is always accompanied by a flood of positive emotion. There is the joy of seeing close summer friends, the recollection of fond memories, and the knowledge that even more exciting times are to come. There is the feeling of peace and serenity that starts well before we even get to the mountain, which only the beauty of this New England climate can provide. All of this was fantastic to experience, but what always makes me happiest is the way I feel when I see this camp in action, providing a once-in-a-lifetime experience for those whom we serve. Even before the official start of camp, Hi-Rock was busy providing retreats for adult and youth groups alike, giving them a unique experience in the heart of the Berkshires.

And so it goes, on into the summer. After an afternoon of soaking in this positive energy, I was ready to begin preparing for the administrative training which started last Sunday. While the great pre-season staff continues to work hard making this camp look great, the Unit Directors, Area Heads, Program and Leadership Directors are meeting under the direction of the Executive Director and Assistant Summer Camp Director to plan All-Staff training which starts this coming Sunday. Our administrative training is including team-building initiatives as well as logistical planning; here you can see us working on a unique team initiative designed by former Hi-Rock directors.